Here you can become a millionaire by doing something you're already doing - promoting your website! 16dailysurf is NOT a pyramid organization or Get Rich Quick and offers only one level of referral commission. It's a very simple concept, you purchase advertising for your website, and then we pay you to view the advertising of our other members. It's like a traffic exchange. Join now, and we will give you 100 Advertising credits to advertise your own site Free! How Does It Work? It's very simple to understand, you simply enroll for free, then set your Ad Buy in our Control Panel by purchasing Ad Shares at $3.00 per share. Each Ad Share you purchase at $3.00 each will give you 3 actual site views of your website. In other words you get 1 site view for every dollar you spend. Then you simply log in to our Ad Viewer and view the Ads of our other members and you'll earn 16% of your total Ad Buy for 9 days straight after viewing 16 Ads per calendar day. Every month you will get 500 credits bonus. Once your upgrade expires you will receive your payment within the next 3 business days.
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