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We know how important good webdesign design is but 99% doesn't have a clue what it means. Most people think it has something to do with how it looks. It's making it hard (if not impossible) to come to a rational conclusion at any point after that. An easy way to look at it: "the more a person thinks about the meaning of something the less the looks of it mean to him or her. And of course the less thoughts are involved the more the looks appeal. First impressions only happen one time, looks are essential. To stand out of the crowd we need the above-average. The usefulness of the design needs to be developed constantly it needs to actually improve (bug fixes do-not count). This is where the content comes in. Now - what is the visitor looking to accomplish & what are we offering? Lets imagine you own a blog like the one you are looking at right now, I'm your average visitor looking for interesting referral products to promote. I am looking to do just as well as you are at it. Me (the customer) should probably be making a blog just like yours. How are you going to teach me this? What would be the thing to show me to make me understand? Does it all go on one page in one paragraph? Does it need images? I would need guidance for you to pull it off. It should be made clear; you can't design a wrapper if you don't know what goes inside. I'm entering the site at the perfect landing page: "the front page of the blog". What would be the perfect thing to see on this moment? What do I need to know to subscribe to something? Lets put an example inside the example: I'm going to think all kinds of obvious things looking at your page like "how much will I earn?". I'm not going to ask it but it's better to answer it as I obviously want to know. Your answer should be "don't work to hard at it". I look at your page and think to myself how little work it was to put together. I would need at least 1 link for visitors to make money, one link to Get traffic and one to expand traffic. After that I write a hand full of posts. Now the big trick is to go do "what ever" and add your URL in those places. It would be stupid to put more work into it. I'm going to sign up for your referral programs because of the other cool stuff you do, the less effort the page took the better! It's friends we need and people who like us, Jerks don't get rich they just get a lot of money. :-)

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