How to use Technorati. First of all the links need to have rel="tag" and the tag keyword needs to go inside the link like >here</a>. Now I know this appears to be just what you thought it was... But it isn't! The link doesn't have to contain a technorati url it can point to Wikipedia blogsearch or even at your own blog! It's the "rel" and the >content</a> of the link technorati is looking for. And it looks inside your postings as well so why bother to put them at the end where no-one looks at them? As you can define a <a href="" rel="tag">category</a> in-line! We all know sites like clickbank offer links in all kinds that you can stuff in your post. But lets aim the links at where they should point "Inside the blog" thats is! Your rugby link should point at a general posting preferably named "rugby" where you describe rugby as "what it means to you". Or link to some-one else who perfectly described the thing in your own opinion (the way of the blog). Make tags for what the posts are about and make post for the tags you need. Don't go tagging like a madman, use the links you've already posted (or should have) and create tags out of those.
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