This blog was more of a joke as a serious thing. I've looked at the large numbers of programs that pay a buck for doing a task or finding a new member for em.

To my surprice it can really be done, as people do it every day. The easy way I ran into was using lots and lots of different programs. Lots of little bits make a huge pile. I've seen peeps do it, it's not hard at all. All the work makes sense.

But just before I intended to jump the the thing (and before earining anything) I've come to the sad conclusion that the documetation of personal earnings already is something I find hard to manage. I don't see myself enjoy filling out a tax form for 200 programs that payed me 1-52 times last year.

With advertisement or payed to surf programs it appears posible to make a reasonable buck but it's still work and freelance work has a lot of rules attached to it here in the Netherlands.

The only way for me to make a buck on the web is by creating a real business that looks credible. A little bit of credibility just wont hack it.

For you it may be different, the few posts I've made are still here do something with em. If you can get 500$ for a few stickers on your car. It means you have more as 500$ worth of advertisement realestate, let the car and the website do your business. Try keep it that simple.

Good luck :) http://blog.360.yahoo.com/Factuurexpress http://categories.blogspot.com/ http://fototour.blogspot.com/ *update* I've decided on autosurfing a bit and investing a few bucks in that.
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