Internet currency

In the old days we use to trade foods and tools, things had a value and could be traded one for the other. Now that we've gotten used to money a bit the Internet brought us the page view, the banner impression and the click true. But how does the exchange rate work?

They are much like any other product only you can get them at the strangest prices. Earnings are based on the keywords not the content. Basically one can go on about anything and say it's gold or that it makes cash! and the mechanic flies come right over.

Human time is treated like a waist product on the web. we are obviously looking to recycle something in stead of building great things. Hey lets slap a banner over here and there, and another one here... People have nothing better to do anyway? Right? So please go away now... no wait... bookmark/subscribe to my cashmaking blog so that you can laugh-at-me as I fail to get the reinvented wheel spinning. That would mean a lot to me, maybe I will even turn the comments on one day. :-)
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